• Upload the images to the Imaging page

    • Select the Just Upload, Don't send yet option
  • Click the imaging to send, followed by the Send/ Upload Imaging button

  • Select University Hospitals Southampton from the dropdown list and click Send

  • When the information is correct and complete, you'll see the usual sending progress bar before the confirmation that the images have been section

Missing Order Number

  • If the images are missing an order number, you'll be asked to enter the order number

    • Please copy the order number for this set of imaging over from Seacare, then click Update

    • If there's no order number, Use the Add details button and follow the manual input section

Missing order number dialog

Incomplete Seacare Review

  • If the images don't have a completed review on Seacare, you'll be asked to complete the review before trying again

    • If the review is complete but not being pulled in, Use the Add details button and follow the manual input section
Incomplete review dialog

Manually Adding Information

  • If the images need the details entered manually, you'll be presented with the Add Memo dialog

  • Please enter/copy from Seacare:

    • The review notes
    • Questions
    • Any additional comments
  • Click Save and then re-send the study using the steps above

Add Memo