Share radiology easily with any other institution, patient or radiologist.

Best for your institution, and easier for you. No unencrypted patient data and no problems with CDs or delays waiting for imaging.


Use ShareMyXray to get request your imaging from your hospital or clinic, and onward share them to your next institution or appointment.

Better than insecure email or your medical imaging stuck on your PC and not seen at the point of care.

Hospitals & Clinics

Register yourself then invite your sharing partner such as a clinic, dentist or another hospital. We send them a link to confirm, and then you’re securely connected for both sending and receiving radiology exams, reports and clinical request details.


Attach prior imaging when referring your patients to the local hospital for specialist imaging. This is called the Dental Access Pathway.

Remote Reporting

Independent radiologists can receive imaging, priors, and clinical request details from any hospital or clinic. Because there’s NO costly infrastructure, small-volume and ad-hoc reporting supporting their local hospital is now commercially feasible.

Add your report to the report editor, hit ‘Return Report’ and your referrer gets notified automatically to login and fetch their reports.

Peace of mind for IT & Data Protection

With no VPNs to support and all transfers securely encrypted to the very latest security spec, your IT department and Data Protection can rest easy.

ShareMyXray handles billing aspects while imaging requests, transfers and all patient-identifiable data are managed in full compliance of NHS Information Governance and EU Data Protection law. Here is Cypher IT’s Information Governance (IG) and Security Compliance statement.