There are several reasons why you may request your medical imaging:

  • To get a second opinion: If you have a serious or complex medical condition, you may want to get a second opinion from another doctor or specialist. Having your medical images can help the new doctor review your case and provide an independent assessment.

  • To prepare for travel: If you plan to travel or move to a new location, having your medical images with you can help you receive faster and more accurate medical care in case of an emergency.

  • To keep a personal health record: If you keep a personal health record, having your medical images can help you keep all your medical information in one place, making it easier to share with healthcare providers when needed.

  • To participate in research studies: Medical images are often used in research studies to help develop new treatments and technologies. By providing your images, you can contribute to the advancement of medical science.

ShareMyXray allows you to quickly and securely request your medical imaging from any hospital, clinic or dentist using our GDPR request process. Once the request is fulfilled we give you complete control of your imaging, whether it be sharing it for a second opinion or downloading it to your device.